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As part of the new club I want to do a sort of clearing house of resources people who identified themselves as Introverts.  Everything from places we can go and spend some quality time alone to maybe that really cool group of people you have found that makes you feel welcome and accepted for who you are. I’m calling it the IntroPedia and hopefully it will be more than just me adding resources to it since my gut feeling is there are more of us out there than we like to pretend.

If you don’t feel like editing the wiki directly, that’s cool (I don’t particularly care for Wiki text either) just drop me an e-mail or send me a message on Plurk.

I’ll be adding my own stuff to it over the next day or two.

The Queen, Fish & Book

I am pleased to announce the opening of the The Queen, Fish & Book, a hang out for Introverts (members of Introverts of the Grid or not) where they can simply be themselves not worry about people going ‘why is that person not talking to me? that is so rude!’  I admit that one of my basic character flaws is not liking to release things or announce things quickly because I am afraid of finding issues or not having every last detail correct, but in this case I decided to push through it, so even though some of the things in the build are not 100% complete, I think there are enough things done to put it out there for opinions and solicit ideas.  Before anyone else mentions it, yes, I understand this concept is not going to be the easiest sell.

The basic design is a largish structure that I picked because it had several areas that could be set up for different purposes.  It was also large enough so that multiple people could be in it without feeling like they were right on top of each other.   Inside the build you will find a library (not pictured because I must have forgotten to click ‘save’) that I hope to add quite a bit of functionality to in the future, but for not will let you sit and play cards or just read on your own.

There is an information booth which I plan to allow other people to leave messages and resource information for each other at, sort of a clearing house for Introvert information.  I have most of it working, just have to finish it up.  For now you can use it to sign up for the in world group.

One of the things I like to do in RL is to drink a nice Scotch, so I provided a spot for that in the hang out.  You can have a coffee as well or take your choice of cigars.

On the second floor there is a workstation where you are free to sit for hours working on your latest masterpiece or scripting work.  There is also a media room which streams different channels (which group members can change) and show the same thing to everyone in the room.  This way in the rare case you want to pipe up MST-3000 style, you can.  There is also a video game there that multiple people can play (on the coffee table), I plan to add more video games in the near future.

Finally, outside, you can sit on a deck

and strike up a game a chess or stare out at the Zen garden (that you can work in)

Or you can decide to just lay in the sun and work on your tan (the drinks are free)

So, stop by and say hi (or not of course), but certainly let me know what you think.  There are some rough edges I am working on and some services I am planning on adding, so I appreciate all your feedback.