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Every once and a while I am working and just come across a layout, a pose, or something else that I like.  The above is one of those pictures.  I’ve been working in the Zhukovsky, a house I’m working on, I’ll post some pictures once Alyson and I finish it up, but I think the general consensus of it is that it’s coming along pretty well.

Lot’s have been going on since I last posted, mainly personal stuff.  After a long time alone I’ve somehow found myself in a relationship with someone in SL.  This came as a total, very pleasant, surprise.  While I don’t believe in jinxes or anything of the sort, I am private enough that I don’t like to post lots of personal details about things in public.   For me to say that things are working out very well is for a normal person to say they are ecstatic, those close to me can ask me what’s going on and I’ll give them all the details.

I’ve sold land here and there and am down to land given to me for free from a dear friend.  It’s very liberating and gives me much more time to focus on other, more personal things in SL.

I’m running The Spice Report in Splintered Rock as ‘Guild Propagandist’, basically a young idealistic reporter who doesn’t see anything wrong with the overreaching bureaucracy she works for.  If you’re looking for some casual roleplay to do you should really stop by.

Finally, in InWorldz I have a friend beta testing a second product I’ll be porting over, probably in the next day or so.

This is pretty much it, just a status update on what’s going on in my life.


Now in InWorldz

I decided to poke around InWorldz a bit and have to say that it has a bit of the ‘community of friends’ atmosphere that I used to get every time that I logged into Second Life but now struggle a bit to re-capture. Whenever I want to learn something new (a new OS, language, etc) I always think of some project to play with and use that as my excuse to do it. For InWorldz I thought I would port my Master Landmark System () over into InWorldz. I’ve done that and you can pick it up from my rather modest store (

Of course you can just come in world and say hello to ‘Ali Moxie’, that’s me.