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As part of the new club I want to do a sort of clearing house of resources people who identified themselves as Introverts.  Everything from places we can go and spend some quality time alone to maybe that really cool group of people you have found that makes you feel welcome and accepted for who you are. I’m calling it the IntroPedia and hopefully it will be more than just me adding resources to it since my gut feeling is there are more of us out there than we like to pretend.

If you don’t feel like editing the wiki directly, that’s cool (I don’t particularly care for Wiki text either) just drop me an e-mail or send me a message on Plurk.

I’ll be adding my own stuff to it over the next day or two.


Coming Along

I got a good price on some beach mainland so I bought it and have spent several days buying furniture and decorating, putting together the hangout I mentioned in the last post ()  I also tried out a few different building designs and tried building some myself.  In the end though a store recommended by Paypabak had a great built that I loved (you can see it in the shot behind me).

So far the club (though I don’t like the connotations of that word) has the following amenities for my fellow Introverted Travelers to enjoy

  • Bar area
    • Read, drink, or smoke quietly alone or with others.
  • Reading nook
    • Play card games and read. I have a cool idea for this area that I am still exploring, let’s see if it gets off the ground.
  • Desk area
    • Think of it as a place to sit and get some work done when you have some scripting or notecards or IMs to do.
  • Information Area
    • Mostly decoration at the moment, but I hope to have sort of a ‘clearing house’ of resources for people.
  • Living Room
    • Place to watch TV.  Like a common video stream.
    • I hope to add some video games to this, but we’ll see what’s up.
  • Outside lounge
    • Simply a place to sit outside and enjoy waves and / or sun.

I’m also working on a way to do a sort of driving range into the sea (it may require a slight modification to the golf system I like so I’m in touch with the creator) and some general decor / landscaping.

I still have a bit of work to do, but I’m trying to make everything in the vein of come and be as alone and quiet as you want, without being pressure to talk to anyone but with friendly people.  I for instance like to work near other people and with music or a TV going even if we are not talking, and I want people to feel comfortable doing that.

I imagine that if this place works at all it is going to take some experimentation, so cross your fingers. Why not publish the location yet? because I’d rather get a few more things done first, that’s all.

So I’m currently toying around with the idea of buying some mainland and have it narrowed down to a couple of plots.  I’ll probably make a selection today or tomorrow morning.  What could bring me to want to do this you may ask?

A couple of things, but mainly the idea that maybe I want to open a place for quiet people to come and hang out and relax and talk, sort of a chill spot for my Introverts of the Grid group ().  I know, this sort of seems doomed to fail, but there are times when we would like to hang around each other if only to watch each other read or say ‘hello’.

Some things surprised me about the mainland.  The first was that it seems prices may have fallen a bit since I purchased last (it has been a while), one was the sheer amount of land available that had views of water or roads, and another was the number of people who will lower a bit land and call it ‘beach land’.

I guess, more updates as they occur.