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Boxed Chess

Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern happily presents its newest chess set.

This beautifully sculpted box opens to reveal a working chess set.  The box and board with working lid weigh in at 6 prims while the stone carved pieces come in at one prim each (32 for those of you counting).

The set would look perfect on a coffee table or a park table and is sure to bring you and a friend tons of fun.


Glowstick Collar

Glowstick Collar This is an example of a product I started as a ‘What if …’ and the ‘What if’ was ‘What if you had a glowstick that you could wear to a rave that looked like an actual glowstick’.  It quickly snowballed into ‘What if it changed colors’ and then when I was working on it became ‘What if it changed colors and matched the color of those around you?’

Hence, the Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern Glowstick Collar and Cuffs.  Literally light up the next party you go to, and if others wear them watch as you all start to mimic each other’s colors.

Only $150 available at the CHIC main store, Lithe/186/33/51.


Choice Vendor

Choice Vendor Not earth shattering, just something my friend Ghanie Lane asked me to do.  A simple vendor that allows you to put a bunch of products into it and give your customers the option of what they want.

Ideal for

  1. Low Prim environments
  2. Selling a large number of customized versions of the same item
  3. Selling the same item in different permission sets
  4. Selling slightly different items with the same vendor graphic (she sells sculpted cursive letters, very impressive).

Just $75 and you can get it in world at Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern (Lithe 186/33/51).  Ghanie’s store is nearby too, you can’t miss it.

I happened to stop by my store and noticed that my Shuffle Vendor had my Sophistication Jewelry Box on sale for L$100 (about half what it is normally).

There are lots of other things in the Vendor as well (I put it up mainly as a demo) but I admit I always get a bit of a smile when I see someone buy one of these.  I just had so much fun making it and learning about new stuff (it plays music, rezzes a ballerina, etc) that I can’t help but hope other people have a good time with it.

If you want to see it stop on by the store (Lithe/182/31/51) and check it out (and whatever else the vendor decides to put up for sale.


Shuffle, Not Random

Shuffle Vendor Ad Small When the store was opening I wanted a way to offer special deals throughout the day.  To that end I put together a quick vendor that showed a new item every hour at a discounted price.  It cycled through an entire list of products before it repeats and it did its job reasonably well. I really didn’t think much of it until my friend Ghanie Lane asked for a copy for her store and I gave her a copy.

I didn’t think much more about it until she told me that she had a ton of people asking for a copy.  So, due to popular demand, it is released today.  I am offering two version, identical in every way except that the free edition pays me a 2% commission on sales.  The non-free edition runs $250 and does not have this limitation.  Both are Mod/Copy and the free edition is also transferable.

You can find it exclusively in world at the store (Lithe 182/31/51) and as always I hope you have fun with it and will assist you with it in any way I can.


The Store Opened

The store opened and I have to say that I was pretty pleased with the turnout. I didn’t plan or announce a big party or anything, but the traffic at my place is picking up enough to keep me encouraged and make me start working on the next add on for the Seymour plant.

I know not everyone is a stats geek like I am, but that is how I like to look at things.  The chart here is of all my visitors from October 30th to November 8th (the end of the ‘Grand Opening’).  I chose the 30th  mainly because that is when I had the StatsCollector in place.  Any ways  what this shows is that the period of the 5-8th had more visitation than the 31st-3rd, and, most important to me, the trend seems to be going in the correct direction (blue line is visitation, black line is trend).

Visitors Oct 4 2009 tru Nov 11 2009

Again I like to over analyze things, but thanks to everyone who stopped by, to everyone who got their free gift, and to everyone who asked ‘where can I get that cool new vendor you had on display?’.  I’m glad you had a good time, took a look around, and that vendor will be ready for sale when my beta tester gives me the thumbs up.

Thanks a million.

CHIC Store Opening

I am very pleased to announce that CHIC will be opening its main store next weekend.  We hope you will all come by, check out the new store, and have a good time.


I am extremely proud to introduce my latest project, Seymour.  Seymour is a plant that, when rezzed, automatically generates its own genetic code from around a dozen variables governing everything from flower shape to leaf type and color.  This genetic code combined with environmental factors means that the chances of any two plants being identical are next to zero.  When the plant blooms it automatically rezzes a ‘seed’ with the same genetic code that can be passed along to another user, and when that is over it can be done all over again once more.

The plants themselves also have the ability to read and write status messages to both Plurk and Twitter. This allows you to get regular status updates and to water and feed them from either Plurk or Twitter.

If you need any more information about them you can read their entire manual online and its the same manual owners of the plant see when they ask for help.  If you’d like to see one in world you can do so at my current in world location, where you can see both the beginnings and end of the life cycle.

You can either purchase it at the location above or on XStreet, both locations are currently offering it for L$200.

If you have any questions or comments, as always, I would love to hear from you.

Author’s Note: Updated to point to new store location. 11/11/2009

I was going through my inventory today and decided to put some ‘cheapies’ out for sale.

The first is a set of hair accessories I made for a jewelry box a long time ago (its not for sale anymore) and recently got out for a friend.

Hair Piece Ad

Both pieces simply cycle through colors and/or textures and I made them quickly so they are not expensive.  Just take a look on XStreetSL.

The other I put out because people were asking ‘how do I buy the t-shirts from the vending machine?’ so I thought I’d oblige them without doing too much work.

TShirt Package  I Ad

I’ve placed both Male and Female packages for sale, each includes 6 shirts so I think they’re a good deal.

Well, that’s it.  Just things I came across as I was going through my inventory and thought I’d get out there.


ID Lanyard (No Big E)

Ever wanted to look like you were working? Well me either until there was a particular outfit I wanted it for so I threw this quick ID Lanyard together.

ID Lanyard

Basically it shows a ‘Staff’ ID badge along with your profile picture by default.  Of course since I cannot resist throwing a script into things it also allows you to customize your ‘ID’ picture and the background with your own textures and pictures.

No big deal, just something I had fun with.

You can get it here on XStreet and as always I would love to hear your comments.