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Playlist Vendor

Yes, I have a new product.

The Playlist Vendor gives you the control to set a series of sales, giveaways, or just a list of products you’d like to sell, at a limited quantity.

For example, assume that you wanted to offer a brand new item for free, but only to the first 100 customers and after that you wanted to offer it full price. This vendor allows you to do that with ease.

Other uses might be when you have a set of sales items and you wish to drive some traffic to your store by having a sale like ‘Get this blouse in red, green, black, or blue for a discount, but only when a previous color sells out.’

In the spirit of showing how it works, the first 25 are available in my store for free, after that they run L$ 250.


Playlist Vendor


You can get it in the store at or on the Marketplace.


Lunch Box Winter Edition

In real life I collect a few different things, action figures, watches, books, and I’ve always wanted to collect metal lunch boxes. In Second Life this means that I dress up my avatar much more than I dress up myself in RL, satisfying my action figure collecting, and my avatar has a good number of watches both that I’ve built and bought (though not as many as I have in RL), and I’ve always found a few lunch boxes here and there, but not nearly as many as I would have liked.

People have always asked ‘why the lunch boxes’? And truthfully, I don’t know. I’ve always liked older, retro things so that could be it. I’ve also always enjoyed superheros, so obviously there could be a connection there since a good number of lunch boxes have a connection to comics.

All said, the reason doesn’t matter a ton. I’ve decided to make my own lunch box. I’m hoping this will be the first in the series (hence the name). I wanted to make it a little fun, something that people could share and play with, so I made it dispense cocoa to anyone who opens it and touches the thermos inside.

Did I mention that for now it’s free? How long? Until I decide it’s not.  You can get it in my store (  Have fun.


Now in InWorldz

I decided to poke around InWorldz a bit and have to say that it has a bit of the ‘community of friends’ atmosphere that I used to get every time that I logged into Second Life but now struggle a bit to re-capture. Whenever I want to learn something new (a new OS, language, etc) I always think of some project to play with and use that as my excuse to do it. For InWorldz I thought I would port my Master Landmark System () over into InWorldz. I’ve done that and you can pick it up from my rather modest store (

Of course you can just come in world and say hello to ‘Ali Moxie’, that’s me.

I got some good feedback since the launch of my Landmark replacement project, but the most common two comments were

  • We wish LL would have a ‘Master Landmark that moved with us’ (which this does by the way) and
  • Oh! Like a Master Landmark!

So I decided to go with the flow and rename the system the ‘Master Landmark System’.

That said, everything I did was not about branding, it was also about adding two new features.  The first is for anyone who was unsure if you should purchase the system.

This is the Demo Edition.

Essentially this is the Single Landmark edition re-tooled a bit so that Landmarks created with it automatically display a short ad and link for my store.  Use it to decide if you want to use the system without shelling out a single Linden.

Next, both the Single and Multi Editions automatically create URLs for each Landmark that you create.  No one really brought it up, but I realized some people like to include Landmarks in notecards, which you cannot put objects into.  The URLs can be put into notecards, or on blogs, or wherever else you want.  Just like the the Landmarks created by the system these URLs never change.  These URLs take the form

If you’re curious how the system actually works from a function standpoint, take a look at this YouTube video made by Ghanie Lane.  It covers the single Edition, but the Multi edition works essentially the same.

How do you get this wonderful system?

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

So my friend Ghanie Lane, who has been way too nice to me over the years, has made a demo video for the Landmark 2.0 single edition.  The Multi edition works pretty much the same, just with a couple of extra options when you are setting up the Landmark.

I think it shows off how it works and how it could be useful.  I am very impressed with the video, not only because my video projects usually die a horrible horrible death, but also because it covers everything so well – including ‘why is this useful.’

I think it’s great.

Read more about Landmark 2.0 here:

So I went shopping the other day and realized that around half of my landmarks took me to places that were no longer any good.  This frustrated me to no end, I mean, in this day and age I either belong to a group or spend tons of time tracking down a store’s or club’s or whatever’s newest location?  I put my brain to it, enlisted a friend’s help to beta test, and Landmark 2.0 was born.

Essentially this system lets the proprietor of a location give out an object that is similar to an Landmark.  When user’s rez the object (or wear it) it simply gives the end-user a hyperlink that can be clicked and followed to the location.  The magic however comes when the proprietor needs to move.  They simply re-rez the original ‘setting’ object included in the package, touch it, and all of the Landmark 2.0s they sent out are automatically updated to the new location.  The entire process takes less than 1 minute and the end user will never need to hunt down the location again.

I wrote two versions, the one pictured above that lets a proprietor have up to 10 separate locations programmed and a cheaper version that allows a single location.

Come by the store in world or take a look on the marketplace to pick up your copy.  I think you’re going to find it as helpful as I imagine.

Update 10/19/2010: A friend of mine made this cool video, I hope you find it as useful as I find it as cool.


Contest Winner Chosen

I have chosen a winner in the first ever ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ contest.  While the number of entries I received was not as high as I would have hoped, the sheer quality of the winner has blown me away.  The winner of the contest was Ghanie Lane (store in world), who I will admit I’ve known for years, but she presented me with exactly what I had been looking for, a project that

  1. is challenging
  2. is Something she wants to do and has not in the past because it is not her strong suit.
  3. is fun to play with
  4. is fun to work on

I’ll be telling you more soon, as we get everything fleshed out and have things ready for people to test.  Thanks to everyone who entered.


Contest Closed

So I got a few ideas submitted, and I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out one winner and one project that I’ll do as a ‘something fun to do.’

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas, I’ll be getting in touch with some of you for follow up very soon.

Wow! What a big Idea!

So I decided to have my first ever contest.  What sort of contest does a scripter have? The premise is simple:

Have the next CHIC hit?  Have a great idea and no idea how to pull it off?  Submit it and Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern could build it and pay you for the privilege. It’s pretty much that simple. Between now and September 3rd submit an idea for something you’d like to see me build and if you’re the winning entry I’ll build it.

Winner’s will receive either

  • L$ 5,000 or
  • 20% of all of the year’s first sales on the product.

Second and third runners up will receive L$ 1,000 and 4th through 10th will receive copies of , unless they would prefer another product from my store of equal or lesser value.

Entries should be in in world in whatever format best serves the idea.  This can consist of textures, notecards, animations, prims, whatever it takes to get the idea across. Just put everything together in a prim and drop it on Alidar Moxie.

Entries will be judged on a few criteria*, namely

  • How fun will it be to work on?
  • How fun will the final product be?
  • How useful will the final product be?
  • Uniqueness
  • Actual Doability

Copyrights will be recognized to reside with their applicants and neither I nor anyone I designate to help judge or otherwise participate will assert any claim to entrant materials.  In the event we wish to use entry materials in promotional settings permission will be sought before doing so.  The winner may be asked to work exclusively with CHIC staff during the execution of the idea.

Entries are due September 3rd 23:59:59
Winner to be chosen by September 10th 23:59:59

* In the event of no qualifying entries, no prizes will be awarded.

Sculpted Clock

A while back my friend Ghanie dropped a set of sculpted numbers and letters on me.  I threw together this, I think, neat little clock that changes the numbers in a digital like little way as time progresses.  I added some smarts so you can easily change the timezone (evidently there are 341 of them).  I decided to give it away for free so drop by the store and pick one up.

Available at Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern (Lithe/186/33/51).