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I was going through my inventory today and decided to put some ‘cheapies’ out for sale.

The first is a set of hair accessories I made for a jewelry box a long time ago (its not for sale anymore) and recently got out for a friend.

Hair Piece Ad

Both pieces simply cycle through colors and/or textures and I made them quickly so they are not expensive.  Just take a look on XStreetSL.

The other I put out because people were asking ‘how do I buy the t-shirts from the vending machine?’ so I thought I’d oblige them without doing too much work.

TShirt Package  I Ad

I’ve placed both Male and Female packages for sale, each includes 6 shirts so I think they’re a good deal.

Well, that’s it.  Just things I came across as I was going through my inventory and thought I’d get out there.

Not too long ago I had an idea for a T-Shirt (it just had ’42’ on it) and I made it with the help of a template I got from Ryker Beck. I didn’t think much more of it until recently when I made another with “I rescued the Princess” on it and decided “Why not throw them up for sale?”.  I knew I didn’t want to sell them for much (L$ 6) and I sort of sat on the problem for a while (like 24 hours).

I also, back when I had the sim, come up with the idea for a company named ‘Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern’ (CHIC for short) and that’s when the two ideas hit each other.  The result was a resurrection of CHIC and that its first product would be a series of low cost T-Shirts sold via a custom self updating vending machine.

T Shirt Vending Machine Ad - Large

At the moment it sells 6 different T-shirts in male and female versions and I plan to release a couple of new ones a month.  The vending machine will periodically update itself to get the latest shirts and will check for updates to the machine itself once a week.

The current crop of shirts looks like this

T-Shirt ContactSheet

Each shirt currently runs L$ 6 of which the owner of the machine keeps L$ 3.

I would love to get comments, suggestions, and ideas about CHIC, the T-shirts, the vending machine, and the whole thing. You can pick up a copy of the machine on XStreetSL (or IM me for a copy).

Some of you know that I made furniture, timepieces, and some other things that I simply called ‘Ali’. I’ve recently decided that I just don’t have the time to keep up the volume I would need to stay competitive in this field and the work was not selling anyways, so some time on the 2nd of January I will be closing the store down. This is not because of any sort of drama or anything like that and I will still be doing pieces for people if they ask me for them and they have the time to wait on me, but I need to focus on other things.

In the mean time, if you would like to purchase anything and have been putting it off, please use this time to make your purchases. The store is in ChindÃ…gu and as always I’ll help you out anyway I can.

So I am working on a new CalendarCog product and to do so need to change the media url of a piece of land (can you figure out what this thing does yet?).  To that end, Saturday I will be (hopefully) showing cartoons most of the day.  I hope you’ll stop by and relive some child hood.