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Now in InWorldz

I decided to poke around InWorldz a bit and have to say that it has a bit of the ‘community of friends’ atmosphere that I used to get every time that I logged into Second Life but now struggle a bit to re-capture. Whenever I want to learn something new (a new OS, language, etc) I always think of some project to play with and use that as my excuse to do it. For InWorldz I thought I would port my Master Landmark System () over into InWorldz. I’ve done that and you can pick it up from my rather modest store (

Of course you can just come in world and say hello to ‘Ali Moxie’, that’s me.

I got some good feedback since the launch of my Landmark replacement project, but the most common two comments were

  • We wish LL would have a ‘Master Landmark that moved with us’ (which this does by the way) and
  • Oh! Like a Master Landmark!

So I decided to go with the flow and rename the system the ‘Master Landmark System’.

That said, everything I did was not about branding, it was also about adding two new features.  The first is for anyone who was unsure if you should purchase the system.

This is the Demo Edition.

Essentially this is the Single Landmark edition re-tooled a bit so that Landmarks created with it automatically display a short ad and link for my store.  Use it to decide if you want to use the system without shelling out a single Linden.

Next, both the Single and Multi Editions automatically create URLs for each Landmark that you create.  No one really brought it up, but I realized some people like to include Landmarks in notecards, which you cannot put objects into.  The URLs can be put into notecards, or on blogs, or wherever else you want.  Just like the the Landmarks created by the system these URLs never change.  These URLs take the form

If you’re curious how the system actually works from a function standpoint, take a look at this YouTube video made by Ghanie Lane.  It covers the single Edition, but the Multi edition works essentially the same.

How do you get this wonderful system?

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

So my friend Ghanie Lane, who has been way too nice to me over the years, has made a demo video for the Landmark 2.0 single edition.  The Multi edition works pretty much the same, just with a couple of extra options when you are setting up the Landmark.

I think it shows off how it works and how it could be useful.  I am very impressed with the video, not only because my video projects usually die a horrible horrible death, but also because it covers everything so well – including ‘why is this useful.’

I think it’s great.

Read more about Landmark 2.0 here:

So I went shopping the other day and realized that around half of my landmarks took me to places that were no longer any good.  This frustrated me to no end, I mean, in this day and age I either belong to a group or spend tons of time tracking down a store’s or club’s or whatever’s newest location?  I put my brain to it, enlisted a friend’s help to beta test, and Landmark 2.0 was born.

Essentially this system lets the proprietor of a location give out an object that is similar to an Landmark.  When user’s rez the object (or wear it) it simply gives the end-user a hyperlink that can be clicked and followed to the location.  The magic however comes when the proprietor needs to move.  They simply re-rez the original ‘setting’ object included in the package, touch it, and all of the Landmark 2.0s they sent out are automatically updated to the new location.  The entire process takes less than 1 minute and the end user will never need to hunt down the location again.

I wrote two versions, the one pictured above that lets a proprietor have up to 10 separate locations programmed and a cheaper version that allows a single location.

Come by the store in world or take a look on the marketplace to pick up your copy.  I think you’re going to find it as helpful as I imagine.

Update 10/19/2010: A friend of mine made this cool video, I hope you find it as useful as I find it as cool.

I’m working on a new project that has both an in-world and web-space component.  Before too long I’ll need (OK, more like want) someone to help me do things like layout the web-side components, do some graphic design, and help me keep a unified project feel throughout the entire site.   These are things I can do, but I just don’t feel like I have the time to do them all and do them well.

The person I am envisioning would have no problem working on their own and completing work on their own without much supervision and carry things to a logical conclusion.

Payment-wise I’m willing to negotiate it a few different ways (i.e., either as a one time payment or as percentage of upcoming sales).

I wish I could say more about what the project is, but the few people I’ve shown it to have not said ‘gah what a stupid idea’ or anything like that.

If you are interested or know someone who is, please let me know via IM in world or by e-mail (on the contact page of this blog) or via Plurk.  I’ll be asking for some sort of example of work, a graphic, a screen shot of a website, something.

Thanks for your time.


Beta Testers Needed

I’m in the need of several Beta Testers to test a building tool.  I’ll need testers that are

  • familiar with SL building tools.
  • able to drop objects into the inventory of other objects.
  • willing to give quick, honest,  feedback.
  • able to work with the product with little documentation to begin with.

Ideally I would like around 10 or so testers to give my new tool a work out and all testers will have access to the final product at no cost.

If you think you can help, please let me know via IM in world (Alidar Moxie).  Thanks a million.


Glowstick Collar

Glowstick Collar This is an example of a product I started as a ‘What if …’ and the ‘What if’ was ‘What if you had a glowstick that you could wear to a rave that looked like an actual glowstick’.  It quickly snowballed into ‘What if it changed colors’ and then when I was working on it became ‘What if it changed colors and matched the color of those around you?’

Hence, the Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern Glowstick Collar and Cuffs.  Literally light up the next party you go to, and if others wear them watch as you all start to mimic each other’s colors.

Only $150 available at the CHIC main store, Lithe/186/33/51.


Choice Vendor

Choice Vendor Not earth shattering, just something my friend Ghanie Lane asked me to do.  A simple vendor that allows you to put a bunch of products into it and give your customers the option of what they want.

Ideal for

  1. Low Prim environments
  2. Selling a large number of customized versions of the same item
  3. Selling the same item in different permission sets
  4. Selling slightly different items with the same vendor graphic (she sells sculpted cursive letters, very impressive).

Just $75 and you can get it in world at Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern (Lithe 186/33/51).  Ghanie’s store is nearby too, you can’t miss it.

Just a reminder that the new store is opening this weekend.  I will be giving everyone a free gift just for stopping by and will have at least 5 different products that will be offered at a discount at different times during the day, some discounted down to L$ 0.

I will not be having a party (sorry, my introverted-ness is getting the better of me right now) but should be stopping by on and off throughout the weekend to answer questions, offer special prizes and generally hang out.  I really hope you can stop by, give a shout out and any sort of feedback you might have.


When: All weekend (November 7th-8th).

Thanks a ton,

-Alidar Moxie


Blog Layout Update

I’ve always wanted something a little different from a traditional blog layout so I thought I’d give this one a whirl. I like that it is a more traditional website layout, more grid-like without being a grid and less of the normal ‘here’s my latest story’ kind of thing. We’ll see how long it lasts. Part of the reason for this is that I wanted something that will support a couple of different directions I will take in the future.  I have an upcoming product line that I want to dedicate some space to for a ‘here’s some more information’ type page and this layout is flexible enough to do it without looking like it was just tacked on as an after thought.  That should be unveiled by the end of the week or so.

That’s it, just a quick note to give the layout a whirl and ‘ping’ the world so to speak.