Playlist Vendor

Yes, I have a new product.

The Playlist Vendor gives you the control to set a series of sales, giveaways, or just a list of products you’d like to sell, at a limited quantity.

For example, assume that you wanted to offer a brand new item for free, but only to the first 100 customers and after that you wanted to offer it full price. This vendor allows you to do that with ease.

Other uses might be when you have a set of sales items and you wish to drive some traffic to your store by having a sale like ‘Get this blouse in red, green, black, or blue for a discount, but only when a previous color sells out.’

In the spirit of showing how it works, the first 25 are available in my store for free, after that they run L$ 250.


Playlist Vendor


You can get it in the store at http://lm2.me/p/13001 or on the Marketplace.

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