I got some good feedback since the launch of my Landmark replacement project, but the most common two comments were

  • We wish LL would have a ‘Master Landmark that moved with us’ (which this does by the way) and
  • Oh! Like a Master Landmark!

So I decided to go with the flow and rename the system the ‘Master Landmark System’.

That said, everything I did was not about branding, it was also about adding two new features.  The first is for anyone who was unsure if you should purchase the system.

This is the Demo Edition.

Essentially this is the Single Landmark edition re-tooled a bit so that Landmarks created with it automatically display a short ad and link for my store.  Use it to decide if you want to use the system without shelling out a single Linden.

Next, both the Single and Multi Editions automatically create URLs for each Landmark that you create.  No one really brought it up, but I realized some people like to include Landmarks in notecards, which you cannot put objects into.  The URLs can be put into notecards, or on blogs, or wherever else you want.  Just like the the Landmarks created by the system these URLs never change.  These URLs take the form http://www.lm2.me/p/13001.

If you’re curious how the system actually works from a function standpoint, take a look at this YouTube video made by Ghanie Lane.  It covers the single Edition, but the Multi edition works essentially the same.

How do you get this wonderful system?

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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