Wow! What a big Idea!

So I decided to have my first ever contest.  What sort of contest does a scripter have? The premise is simple:

Have the next CHIC hit?  Have a great idea and no idea how to pull it off?  Submit it and Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern could build it and pay you for the privilege. It’s pretty much that simple. Between now and September 3rd submit an idea for something you’d like to see me build and if you’re the winning entry I’ll build it.

Winner’s will receive either

  • L$ 5,000 or
  • 20% of all of the year’s first sales on the product.

Second and third runners up will receive L$ 1,000 and 4th through 10th will receive copies of , unless they would prefer another product from my store of equal or lesser value.

Entries should be in in world in whatever format best serves the idea.  This can consist of textures, notecards, animations, prims, whatever it takes to get the idea across. Just put everything together in a prim and drop it on Alidar Moxie.

Entries will be judged on a few criteria*, namely

  • How fun will it be to work on?
  • How fun will the final product be?
  • How useful will the final product be?
  • Uniqueness
  • Actual Doability

Copyrights will be recognized to reside with their applicants and neither I nor anyone I designate to help judge or otherwise participate will assert any claim to entrant materials.  In the event we wish to use entry materials in promotional settings permission will be sought before doing so.  The winner may be asked to work exclusively with CHIC staff during the execution of the idea.

Entries are due September 3rd 23:59:59
Winner to be chosen by September 10th 23:59:59

* In the event of no qualifying entries, no prizes will be awarded.

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