Some ideas, it seems, are just not meant to be.  One of them was the project I had previously announced the need for a Website Developer for.  Based on the lack of responses either I do not know how to write such things (a distinct possibility as I tend to write technical documentation from day to day) or people are just not interested in doing projects in Second Life.

The latter got me thinking about the scope and size of the project as a whole, comparing the amount of work I had put into it vs the amount of work left to be done and I decided that without help, it would go on hold indefinitely.  My lack of posts is simply me feeling a bit disappointed with myself about the whole thing and feeling a bit like I left myself down, but I just do not wish to get involved with something that may not go anywhere.

Yep, I’m still alive and kicking, just looking for other things to do.

2 comments to “The Fragility of (Some) Ideas”

  1. paypabak says:

    I felt bad, too, Ali. I don’t know that I’ve ever turned you down on something before but I am stretched as you know. I really hoped that someone else would show some interest as you are a wonderful person with whom to work.

    • Alidar says:

      No worries, sometimes I have to force myself to sit back and not worry about these things. If this is what it takes to make me relax, it’s what it takes.

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