Ali Dómari

Ali Dómari

So I wanted to get back into Role play a bit and decided that I also wanted to keep my Neko ears on for a while.  I had just finished reading Heritics of Dune and remembered the race of cat people called ‘Futars’ so it seemed like a fit.  Luckily for me Splintered Rock is still kicking and I was able to create a character along the lines of what I had in mind.

Ali Dómari’s mother was a Sword Master and her father was a Futar. Circumstances caused her to be raised in an abbey / orphanage. She eventually moved on to a several schools where she learned the ins and outs of several bodies of law and customs on many worlds, similar to a court lawyer or magistrate. While this education was wildly expensive, one generally undertaken at the behest, payment, and direction of a major house. While rumors of a Great House’s involvement have been heard, no source of the funds have ever been disclosed. She generally carries a Katana that she has been heard to call her “diploma”.

So, that’s it.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m hoping this leads me branching outside of my comfort zone a bit and getting acquainted with some new people.

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