My Chess Set

So about, I don’t know, 4 months ago in the midst of Chindogu stuff happening and Christmas and God knows what else, I had an idea for a chess set that

  1. Would scale to any size
  2. Would allow the players to have a visual selector to click on for where their pieces should go
  3. Would only allow them to chose moves that made sense
  4. Save games after every move in case, I don’t know, SecondLife crashed
  5. Give me a ‘fun project’ to take my mind off of things

I know that similar things have been done in Second Life before, but sometimes I just like to do things myself because they teach me things that are applicable to other projects, etc.  In any event, here is the result of my project


My friend Ghanie Lane made the pieces exclusivly for me and they turned out much better than they look in this picture (just the rooks in the distance seem to have lost some details that are definately there in world).  I scultped the table, the drawer, the table, the chair bases, etc. I have to say I’m pretty happy with this.

One comment to “My Chess Set”

  1. paypabak writer says:

    The scaling is very impressive and really shows off the details of Ghanie’s work. The set won’t do en passant, which is optional, and is about the only nit I can pick, having watched Ali playtest the moves of the pieces. Really beautiful–those chairs look great, too.

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