My friend Ghanie Lane, upon hearing of my homelessness, immediately asked if I wanted some free land.  I jumped on it and started building.  I had this idea from the start: What if someone started a Clock Tower sometime in the past, but never finished it?  What if it just sat there forever and ever and then I moved in? Â  That’s what I went for.  This is the build I came up with about 90% done (I added some landscaping after this shot was taken)

I debated exactly how the clock mechanism should be build and ultimately decided that an air of mystery would be ok, no one really knows how it works, it just does.

Before leaving the previous tenants installed this stained glass window in the ceiling of the main floor, its meaning, like the builders of the the rest of the tower lost to time. You can also see the brass and steel construction left behind along with some bits of rope here and there.

I did move some furniture into the place (a whole new set that I made) as well as relics from my own past. Here you can see pictures from my previous projects and people I’ve encountered over my past 5 years in SL.

It seems the people who built the place wanted a way to keep their feet dry and built a small bridge to get across the water right in front of the place.

The residents of the clock tower before me seemed to belong to some secret society, the only evidence of their name is on a small plaque near the door which reads ‘Royal Fighting Aestivatists’.  What exactly that means is any one’s guess.

All in all it was a fun build and I am very happy with it.  If you want to stop by, feel free to do so.  See you around.

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